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Electrical Inspection in Etobicoke

Certificate of inspection from a qualified electrician in Etobicoke

Signed by a Master Electrician reports to:

ensure public safety
reduce cost of insurance policy
avoid the danger of electrical shock and fire
ensure that the wiring is installed in a proper manner
inspect building's fire alarms, life safety emergency systems
help enforce the safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment
system audit of nursing homes, day care centers, medical and office buildings
ensure that all homes & buildings meet the electrical code & safety code requirements
uncover code violations made during construction or renovation before the formal ESA visit

Those who plan to or already did electrical work in Etobicoke must get a permit
and inspection from the Electrical Safety Authority

Etobicoke home electrical inspection. Insurance electrical inspection in Etobicoke (647) 932 5666

buying house and pre-purchase electrical inspection in Toronto or Mississauga, prepare property system for sale in Etobicoke and Oakville