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Property Electrical Inspection in Toronto

Formal electrical audits

from Toronto electrical contractor

electrical inspection in North York
 electrical inspection in Newmarket

Check and evaluate property in Mississauga

Commercial & residential buildings in Oakville

Certifying property adherence to the Canadian Electrical Code


Building electrical system conformity with the Ontario Building and Safety regulations

We investigate violations, inspect buildings and examine electrical faults in:

auditorium, boardroom
campus buildings
conference center in Scarborough
health care facility
office, store, restaurant
rental building electrical inspection
coffee shop system evaluation
senior residence electrical assessment
school electrical inspection in Brampton
parking lot
coin laundry
townhouse, town home
bar, night club
nursing home
office building

We fix found wiring faults, repair electrical problems and eliminate deficiencies facilitating passing the ESA inspection. This contractor helps you to comply with Electrical Safety Authority order. Get a report from a qualified electrician!

Commercial building electrical inspection in Toronto (647) 932 5666