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Home and commercial building formal electrical inspection in Thornhill

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Property electrical inspections in Richmond Hill

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Knob and tube electrical inspection reports in Toronto for home insurance. (647) 932 5666


A non-destructive examination of the property accessible elements is performed to identify issues, defects, safety concerns, or code violations within electrical system and its components

In addition to findings and results, the formal certified report may include comments and recommendations

The document is usually issued right on the spot. Sometimes it could take 24 hours to email to customers

Regular general home or property inspection reports, in most cases, do not reflect the actual condition of the electrical system. Because they were not issued by a licensed professional electrician or an experienced master electrician

And because 98% of home, building, or property inspectors lack specific education, in-depth knowledge, training, hands-on experience, and mandatory licensing necessary for the thorough electrical system evaluation