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Building Electrical Inspection in Toronto

Industrial building electrical inspection

Toronto electrical contractor performs:

Electrical safety inspection
Commercial property evaluation
Property and facility electrical report
Engineering tests, consulting and design

Comprehensive electrical system assessment of:

Electrical room
Production area
Equipment alarms
Motor, transformer
Testing of Equipment
Check wiring condition
Evaluate cost of  repairs
Uncover  safety concerns
Evaluate selector  switches
Verify equipment  grounding
Corrosion oxidation screening
Renovation, retrofit and repairs
Proving Circuit breaker operation
Connection Splicing and termination
mechanical interlock & transfer switch
Inspect equipment grounding components
Over-current protection of feeder & machine
Consulting and inspection for general contractors

Safe, code complying buildings reduce insurance premiums!

Get an electrical inspection to ensure proper maintenance of existing installations
Or to determine whether building systems conform to the Canadian Electrical Code


Certified building electrical inspection in Toronto (647) 932 5666

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