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House in Vaughan. Building in Woodbridge

Home and commercial building formal electrical inspection

Vaughan electrical contractor

Property power system inspections in Woodbridge

To certify the safe condition of the electrical system from
the Canadian Electrical Code point of view


To verify building distribution and protection system and its conformity with the Ontario Building and Safety codes

We investigate accidents and examine electrical problems in a:

any other building
any other property

The report will provide customers with information necessary to make an informed decision about the condition of home or building electrical system

You either get a peace of mind or a verified list of electrical things that are either marginal, unsafe or violate the Canadian Electrical Code

A master electrician will thoroughly evaluate all aspects of the property. Your own presence is not required but could be extremely helpful in seeing a bigger picture or in getting an in depth information

We therefore invite you to come along during the course of the inspection to learn what needs to be done and why

Customers could hire us to repair errors, fix wiring violations, eliminate faults and pass the ESA inspection on their behalf. This electrical contractor in Woodbridge will help building owners to comply with the Electrical Safety Authority deficiency notice or order to fix the defect

Get verification from the highly qualified electricians!

Woodbridge commercial building electrical inspection in Vaughan. (647) 932 5666