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Electrical Inspection in Toronto

Insurance Inspection

Aluminum Wiring, Knob and Tube

Renovation check-up (before the ESA inspection)

Insurance companies often require a certificate of inspection from a qualified electrician for houses with Knob and Tube or Aluminum wiring

Knob and Tube wiring in homes built prior to 1950 and Aluminum Wiring in houses constructed after that to the mid 1970's are often a safety concern

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission research shows that "Homes wired with aluminum wire manufactured before 1972 are 55 times more likely to have one or more connections reach Fire Hazard Conditions than are houses wired with copper. Post 1972 aluminum wire is also a concern."


- issue reports for Real Estate and Insurance agents
- increase safety for buyers and homeowners leading to reduced insurance premiums

Certified by a licensed electrician report could greatly reduce homeowner's insurance cost

If Knob and Tube or Aluminum Wiring is present we check its condition and advise you on the best possible action. We give you an estimate and options of eliminating the problem ranging from a few hundred dollar repair to complete replacement of the old wiring

We also help you to collect formal opinions from authorities and experts showing that Knob and Tube is not a fire hazard in itself. It's poor condition is. We will help you to find an insurance company, which accepts Knob and Tube properties and does not rip you off at the same time

Formal document from a qualified electrical contractor gives you a peace of mind or the information necessary to make the right decision

Toronto home electrical inspection. Insurance electrical inspection in Toronto. (647) 932 5666


Our Master Electrician visit is a friendly one. The worst we can do is warn you of any dangers or hazards

ESA visit could be unpleasant and costly.
Remember, if you plan to or already did any electrical work you must get a mandatory permit and inspection from the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) at 1 (877) 372-7233. We just help you to go through this process faster, cheaper and less painful