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Preparing house for sale electrician in Toronto

Pre-sale property enhancement

Making sure everything works fine in the house is a vital part in preparing property for sale.

You don't want to omit minor issues or major faults that would negatively influence the buyer. A flawless home inspection report would steer the home buyer and the decision making process in the right direction. And vice versa.

This licensed electrician works with homeowners, real estate agents, home styling, staging and interior designers to enhance the technical appeal of the property.

Partial or complete system inspection is performed and necessary repairs made helping to sell it quickly and for the most amount of money.

Forward-thinking and small investment today will make a real difference tomorrow because 90% of homes and condos do have electrical issues, flaws, faults, and some might even have a dangerous problem.

Pre-sale property enhancement electrician in Toronto. (289) 217-9643

Selling house and need to prove the electrics are safe?

Call electrician in Toronto for a pre-sale check up.